Fast Food for Modern Masters Collection


This unique collection of nine prints are inspired by the works of our favourite artists. The editions are printed to the highest quality on heavy weight watercolour paper ­­­using archival quality inks. Each print is presented with a hand torn deckled edge and are strictly limited to a signed and numbered edition of 375 and are priced at £275. For all enquiries please call 0797 232 4605 or mail

1: Lichtenstein’s Lunch 53 x 72cm

2: Caulfield’s Cone 61 x 61cm

3: Seurat’s Sunday Treat 85 x 53cm

4: Cubist Breakfast 53 x 66mm

5: Dufy’s Dessert 53 x 62cm

6: Miro’s Milkshake 78 x 51cm

7: Surreal Shower 70 x 53cm

8: Vincent’s Supper 53 x 71cm

9: Warhol’s Shakes 81 x 50cm